About the Creative Freelance

We are seeking an experienced Creative Freelance work with our teams to release new and impressive projects. The Creative freelance with conceptualize a particular new idea for current and new clients. Your creative vision will be implemented, and you will become the point of contact for any creative plan hoping to reach the customer.

Your goal is to achieve great outcomes for our projects visually and essentially, in order to meet customer and brand expectations as well as to drive sustainable growth.

Creative Freelance responsibilities are:

  • Conceive and actualize concepts, guidelines, and procedures in a variety of creative projects, overseeing progress from beginning to end

  • Obtain client specifications by working with the account executives, ensuring your project fits requirements

  • Motivate, direct, and inspire teams of illustrators, copywriters, and others, so that they may use their talents to the fullest.

  • Generate ideas with your teams during brainstorming sessions

  • Produce well-crafted copy that fits the needs of both you and your client, while remaining creative and innovative.

Digital Creative freelance requirements are:

  • Proven experience in the Digital creative director or in a similar creative role

  • Hands-on experience in the Digital creative process, including social media, planning, copy, graphic design, marketing, and brand development stages.